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Dr. Barri Jones started this practice over 30 years ago after graduating from SUNY College of Optometry, receiving Doctor of Optometry and Master of Visual Science degrees. She lives in Norwalk, Ct. with her husband and 3 kids in college.


 Dr. J. Sabrina Russo joined the practice about 20 years ago, but started up a private practice in Bronxville about 5 years later. During Covid, the business shut down with the death of her business partner which was such a devastating loss to our community. 

We are happy, however, to welcome her back to our practice again full-time. She and her husband live right here in White Plains.

In the past 5 years, our practice has grown to 3 locations and more very talented doctors have joined our practice.

Dr. Trusha Patel, Dr. Al Nissany, and Dr. Omar Perdomo are all top notch Optometrists also from SUNY College of Optometry.

Dr. D. Smetana is an ophthalmologist who received his MD degree from New York Medical College.

Our entire practice runs smoothly because of our office manager, Adele Ware, and assistant manager, Vicki Vandette,

and Gaynell Coward in billing. They assist us with all the administrative details.  Our trained technicians

include Pam, Mary Jane, Keira, Jenny, Fahima, Shelley, Evely, Manny, George and McKenna. 

We all work as a team to give our patients thorough, efficient, and courteous eye care.


5.0 /5.0 stars


Mar 17, 2020

"The appointment went great. My benefits were looked up and expIained to me what was covered. The testing went well and my eye exam with the doctor was professional with everything explained to me thoroughly."


5.0 /5.0 stars Google review


Mar 1, 2020

"Very happy with the friendly and professional service and staff. The doctor was super. His exam was thorough and he made sure I understood next steps. They followed up with a written report!"

Aileen Colon

5.0 /5 stars Google review


Dec 16, 2019

"The doctor is a great optometrist. Professional, kind and great with my daughter. Office staff was great as well. Highly recommend. Thank you again!"

Lee Bednarsh

5.0 /5.0 stars


Feb 9, 2020

"Dr. Barri Jones made the experience fast and simple. She was very knowledgable answering my questions and giving me her opinion on the contact lenses I was using. She made me feel very comfortable overall. I was in and out all in about 25 minutes. I definitely would recommend anyone wanting to make an eye exam to see Dr. Barri Jones."


5.0 /5.0 stars Survey review


Feb 9, 2020

"Dr. Patel was thorough, patient, intelligent, and answered all of my questions. I appreciated how knowledgeable and patient-oriented she was."


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